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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the big difference between Eastern and Western cultures as well as languages, the lack of understanding of the situation of our ladies and about Ukraine does exist. Some of our clients have the wrong presumption about the women and the country.

Actually Ukrainian women have their own way of dealing with things which is quite different from the women of the west. Therefore the better the knowledge in this aspect can help remove possible misunderstandings and confusion.

If you are a new member and never corresponded with a Ukrainian women before we suggest you read this section carefully!

Could you tell me more about the situation of Ukrainian women?

We notice that many of our male clients have experience of using dating service provided by other matchmaking sites But really still don't understand about how Ukrainian women act and feel about marriage. Men get bewildered by a problem that's where we come in and help through our many years of service here in Ukraine. They have questions like which follow:

I have told the lady my personal e-mail, why does she still use the interrupter service to answer my replies?

Most of the women in the Ukrainian have little English knowledge or they don't understand English at all.

We need to tell you frankly that most Ukrainian women do not speak English and really don't like there men to know so they say they do and when you come to see them they don't know but three words. This is why many of our ladies use the service we provide they get the correct translation of your letter and they can fully express how they feel about you and you will get the right translation so both parties win.

Not all our ladies can get access to a computer or the internet.

The situation in Ukraine is different from that in western countries as you have noticed in western countries using a computer is a basic skill and almost every house has one or has a friend that does. Not in Ukraine only 5% of the total population has a computer this leaves 95% without. One thing we need to remind you all our ladies see us in person they do not post there profile online so by doing this we get to know each of them on a personal level. They become part of our big family not just a name and a number on a site full of faceless people. Each lady situation is different the ones that are lucky and have a computer or internet access if there English is poor they won't answer if there English is good the translation of what you say and what you really mean can be interpreted wrong loosing the lady you might really like. Using our service is really their only choice this way they get the real meaning of the letter and they get to express to you how they truly feel knowing you will understand.

Few of our ladies have experience of getting to know westerners well.

Though the number increases year after year there are only a few westerners in Ukraine. So, many ladies don't have many chances to meet them and communicate. Therefore when receiving letters from you they will feel excited and curious because the western world is very interesting to them. As their letter replies to you does not cost them money they are willing to rely on the service to help them reply to your letters which helps you both get to know each other better

Why would a Ukrainian woman want me?

In their efforts to bring the good life home, Russian women can be considered the unsung heroines of Soviet society. For many years they were the backbone of their economy, making up slightly more than half the work force. About 85 per cent of all Russian women between the ages of 16 and 54 - hold regular jobs, the highest percentage in any industrialized nation. According to 1984 statistics, there were more female engineers in the Soviet Union than in all the rest of the world. One third of the Russia's lower-court judges and 70 per cent of its doctors are women. Although most Ukrainian women have regular jobs, most of the burden of housework in many Ukrainian families' falls on women.

Why are Ukrainian women so desirable?

Ukrainian women are down to earth, highly educated, family oriented and not ruined by unreasonable expectations associated with most western women. Age difference is not an issue with them. Eastern European women are very mature for their years and view older men as more reliable, stable and secure. They are looking for what all people are looking for: good living conditions and a person to love them.

Are they looking for a rich husband?

No, they want the same basic things that you do. The trouble is that living conditions in Eastern Europe have created a situation where most Ukrainian women can not dream of the pleasures we experience in most western Countries. Even with modest income.

Will she run off after she comes to my Country?

No! You are the sponsor of her visa and she must marry you and only you or return to her country before the end of 90 days. If she runs off or marries someone else she will be in violation of the visa and will permanently lose status and be deported. All the ladies understand this and are not going to accept a visa invitation if they don't think you area viable candidate for marriage.

Are these Ladies serious?

Absolutely, they are looking for the same thing you are and everyone wants. They want someone to spend their life with. They want love and affection, like every other person.

What about the age difference?

Everyone knows that a beautiful 18 year old model is not going to love an overweight, 70 year old man with little hair for his great personality. You need to be realistic. Now, that being said, things are very different in the Ukraine than they are in the west. You will frequently see couples that are 15 years apart in age. It is natural here. Everyone is an individual and individuals interact and react differently. There are no set rules. You need to meet and see if there is attraction and chemistry.

Do the women speak English?

Many of the ladies speak English. Most speak at least some words. Many men chose to be introduced only to women that speak English. I think that is a great mistake. Most women are not able to afford private English courses and therefore do not speak passable English. Do not limit yourself. If you like the lady, and there is chemistry why eliminate a good match for you? If you are serious about her and would like to marry her, she can speak English before her visa is approved.

How much does the lady pay to join your service?

There is never any charge to the ladies for appearing on our website. We never associate ourselves with any agency that charges the ladies. Our ladies and most women in the Ukraine earn about 150.00 Dollars per month. We would much rather let the lady spend her money on a new dress, than pay a fee for using our services.

Do you pre-screen the ladies?

Every lady we add new ladies that are real women. We do not concentrate on ladies of the "elite class" - (models, for example), instead our goal is to introduce you to women of substance and values, with middle and upper class family backgrounds, who are as sincere about meeting you as you are them. Odessa Judies staff always treats our ladies with dignity and respect and we are the preferred choice for high quality applicants.

We only accept our ladies after we are selves have pre-screened them and know for sure they have a genuine interest in finding a partner for life. Even if a lady was referred to us by one of our ladies our staff will never activate her profile before we pre-screen her.

Are these women sincere?

In our experience, the ladies we feature are looking for a responsible life-mate - very difficult to find in modern Ukrainian society. Most Ukrainian men age 30-50 have a very hard time adjusting to a free-trade economy. Because of the sharp increase in regional wars, alcoholism, smoking, stress and suicide the media reports average life expectancy of Ukrainian male to be 54, where as female life expectancy is well into the 70's. There are currently over 20 million more females then males living in the territories of the former USSR.

Some Ukrainian women believe that men living in Western Countries make better husbands then Ukrainian men. Western men offer these women more security and stability and the chance to fall in love for a lifetime. We employ our best efforts to list ladies who are willing to relocate to be with the one they fall in love with, or at your option, be just as happy to live with you in their homeland. They join our agency for a chance to find the right man for them and to join into a marriage that will last a lifetime.

Can I bring the lady to the US for a visit?

It's almost impossible to obtain a tourist visa for a lady. However if you've traveled to Ukraine & decided get married, you can bring your lady over on a K-1 visa (Fiancée Visa). This type of visa allows your lady to stay in the US for the period of 3 months. At the end of the 3 month period you either have to get married, or the lady has to return to her home country. There are no extensions.

Some men are concerned that the lady might just be interested in citizenship of there country when looking for a foreign husband. Becoming a US citizen is a very long process. About 6 months after you are married, you have to appear for an interview with the Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS). The goal of the interview is to prove to the INS that your marriage is legitimate. After this interview the lady will receive a temporary green-card. In another 2 years you will have to appear for the second interview w & only then will your wife receive a permanent green card. This is also true in most Western Countries you can get more info from your countries embassy web site or immigration office.

Am I safe in Odessa ?

Odessa is a great and fantastic city. You will not believe how beautiful and SAFE the city is! Please see the Odessa Information Page and Pictures of Odessa for more Info.

How much Money should I bring ?

Bring dollars for your initial expenses, then use your Bank Teller card to get your daily funds. You can bring travelers checks but you will find they are hard to cash! We always recommend a Visa or MasterCard too.( no AMERICAN EXPRESS as they are not taken here very much )

Note do not be fooled by Dating Services claiming that you can marry a lady 30 years younger then you and live happily ever after. You might, but your marriage will probably be very short-lived, about 2 years. Just enough time to get the green card. On the other hand, the 10-15 year difference is totally acceptable and does last. It all depends on you and how you treat your lady once you get married.

If you have any further questions please e-mail us at any time. We really would like to help you get married and are always happy to answer any

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